Brady Street Festival | Brady St BID
Brady Street BID

Join us Saturday, July 30th for the BEST street party in Milwaukee!

The Brady Street Business Improvement District (BID #11) will host the Brady Street Festival Saturday, July 30, 11 AM to midnight. The Festival takes place on Brady Street from Van Buren to Farwell Avenue. This year’s musical line up will feature local acts on three stages and cuts across many genres providing an awesome experience for everyone. In between acts there is a wide variety of all-local food and vendors to visit. Additional activities include an Adventure Rock rock climbing wall, Division BMX Stunt Team, Great Lakes Wrestling Club Casablanca Rumble, The Casablanca Bellydancers, and the extremely popular Brady St Babes Drag show.

Music Coordinator: Mark Yenchenske

Vendor Manager: Ryan Laessig, Milwaukee Makers Market Creator and Coordinator

Casamigo | WMSE | Milwaukee Record West Stage

11:30am DJ Christreater from WMSE

1:30pm Evan Christian – see more below

3:30pm Holy Pinto – see more below

4:30pm Browns Crew – see more below

6:30pm Rob Knapp & The Soul Patrol


9:00pm Casablanca Belly Dancers

10:00pm Brady Street Babes Drag Show

BudLight | Absolut | OnMilwaukee Center Stage

11:30am Octavio Arcanjo

1:30pm SSAANN

2:30pm NileXNile – see more below

4:30pm Black Challenger – see more below

6:00pm No Seatbelts

8:00pm De La Luz – see more below

9:30pm Paper Holland – see more below

North Shore Bank East Stagee

11:30am DOGA w/ MKE Yoga Social + Off Leash MKE

1:00pm Karmon Blu

2:30pm negative/positive

4:00pm Mark Waldoch and The Hallelujah Ward

5:30pm The Cactus Bros

7:00pm De La Buena

9:00pm Vincent VanGreat & Ninja Sauce & Amanda Huff

NilexNile | Brady St BID


NilexNile is an Alternative hip hop artist from Milwaukee Wisconsin who grabbed attention from the likes of “Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Radio Milwaukee ” and other local blogs.

Being from Milwaukee, Nile has learned to adapt in all situations allowing him to always deliver a great performance anywhere!

As an alternative Hip Hop act He creates a new lane for other artists, showcasing that you can be yourself and still thrive in the music industry here.

Nile has become one of Milwaukee’s most promising talents yet!

Video/performance –

Evan Christian | Brady St BID

Evan Christian

Evan Christian born in Chicago, Illinois raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Recording Artist, Music Producer, Award Winning Flamenco Guitarist, World Traveller. Evan discovered the guitar as a teenager, and without formal instruction has progressed to become one of the most dynamic and sought after solo performers in the business. In 2005 Evan released his debut cd “Fuego”, a nuevo flamenco cd which won him international acclaim. Also in 2005, Evan Christian bought a one way ticket to Spain to study flamenco and to promote his cd, and in the process, collaborated and performed with some of Spain’s top flamenco players. In 2007 Evan Christian was voted Best Acoustic Musician by the readers of the Shepherd Express in Milwaukee WI.

2011 Best Guitarist ~Shepherd Express

2011 Best Jazz Artist ~Shepherd Express

2011 Best Acoustic Musician ~Shepherd Express

2009 WAMI Guitarist of the Year

2008 WAMI Guitarist of the Year

2007 Best Acoustic Musician ~Shepherd Express

Holy Pinto | Brady ST BID

Holy Pinto

Holy Pinto is an indie-pop group led by songwriter, Aymen Saleh. It originally began as two kids in their hometown of Canterbury, England and is now one adult based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Sweetening their original youthful raw, punk sound with a blend of colourful indie-pop and singer-songwriter stylings, they released their sophomore record “Adult” in the spring of 2019.

Their most recent release was the concept EP titled “Milwaukee: A Love Story of Truck Stops, Soccer Bars, and a Big Blue Van” in early 2020, receiving plaudits from local outlets such as 88.9 Radio MKE, and the Journal Sentinel, alongside national publications such as NPR, including a spot on their coveted SXSW Austin 100” list of up-and-coming artists.

They are now working on a third album, set for release in late 2022.

“Sweetly jangling, goodnatured Britpop — uses his songwriting to reflect on the pull of both places and the pressures inherent in growing up. Dispensed with abundant charm and grace, his songs feel warm and lived-in.” Stephen Thompson, NPR

Browns Crew | Brady St BID

Browns Crew

Browns Crew is a Latin Hip Hop duo comprised of El Sebas and Cristo Paz, two emcees, writers, performers, curators, and producers. Their upbringings are examples of the Mexican diaspora and are reflected in the production and composition of their art and music. They share their visions and experiences in English and Spanish and are known for infusing Caribbean sounds into their live performances and recordings. In 2019, Browns Crew was named a winner at Summerfest’s 2019 Emerging Artist Series and awarded Radio Milwaukee 88Nine’s 2019 Song of the Year for their single release, “Mil Aires”.

“Latin hip-hop duo Browns Crew are helping to lead a ‘South Side renaissance’… The group fuses Latin American sounds with hip-hop drums and cadences to deliver stories of immigration, struggle and life as Latinos from the South Side of Milwaukee.” – Vianca Fuster, LionArt Media

Browns Crew have worked hard to the point where it is undeniable that they are advancing the sound of hip hop not only on the city’s South Side, but across Milwaukee.” – Allen Hallas, Breaking & Entering

“Mil Aires” Official Video

“Esperando Tu Amor (ETA)” Official Video

Browns Crew  I  Live Music at Nō Studios

Paper Holland | Brady ST BID

Paper Holland

After first discovering Paper Holland, you may find it surprising that they aren’t signed to a west coast label, living in their vans along the Pacific Coast Highway, and ignoring booking requests in favor of another day out on the water. You may be further surprised to learn that they’re from the Midwest, but their hooks are sunny, their harmonies are warm, and their friendly demeanor welcomes all into a beach-soaked world of wonder.

Formed by the nucleus of frontmen Joe Tomcheck and Andy Kosanke, the band’s music opens a portal to the nostalgic realm of imagined vacations and wide-eyed dreams. Their atmospheric pop sound traverses land, air, and sea while encompassing a wide and varying selection of instrumentation. Such style has landed them comparisons to Hippo Campus, Vampire Weekend, and Phoenix.

Since releasing “Galapagos” (2018), Paper Holland have been writing music to confront different global and societal issues, which they’ve only briefly touched on so far. The band may still be dancing in the sand and splashing in the water but plan to be more forthcoming with their concerns about the rising sea levels, warming temperatures, political injustices, and isolating social climates. As we romanticize tropical getaways to be the ideal escapism from chaotic urban life, the band is well aware that escapism is not a permanent solution

Through the darkness Paper Holland see a brighter future but it’s going to require leaving the beach. Do you wanna go?

De La Luz | Brady St BID

De La Luz 

Through a combination of theatrics, filmmaking and music, De La Luz tells a story that draws upon the ethnic backgrounds and experiences of Vincent Black and Mario Lanza, weaving those elements into a sci-fi-influenced tale.

“Musically it’s very genuine and personal,” says guitarist Lanza. “There’s a rawness to this and we’re aiming high for studio-quality R&B pop-alternative music. It has a lot of energy and a big sound yet a dynamic that’s melodic and somber.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinal-

Shepard Express-

Breaking and Entering-

Live Performance Clip:

Music Video:


Black Challenger | Brady ST BID

Black Challenger

Black Challenger is the enigmatic moniker and musical project of composer/producer William J Bush. Drawing inspiration from video game and movie soundtracks, Black Challenger is driven by heavy rhythms, ambient textures and noir synths.

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Check out this video from Milwaukee Record about the history of the Brady St. Festival