Art Walk Promo

Spring on Brady- 5th Annual Art Walk

Celebrate Spring on Brady! Saturday, June 4th, 2015  12pm - 4pm

Come on down to Brady Street to celebrate Spring as we bring you our 4th Annual Art Walk.  Also shop amazing sidewalk sales along with spectacular dining and drink deals as we celebrate Springtime! (CLICK HERE for merchant specials!) Walk your walk on Brady Street.

Nearly 30 merchants will be hosting live artists from painting and sketching, chalk drawing,  pottery and traditional felting!  Begin your artwalk at any of the participating businesses from the list below where you will pick up your map. (Or CLICK HERE to print your own!)  

Don't forget to take advantage of all of the additional activities and specials at the shops up and down Brady while on your art walk route.  When you are done with your walk, fill out the tab on the end of the map and drop it off at Mari's Flowers (1218 E. Brady) for a chance to win prizes from our local businesses!

2016 ARTISTS AND BUSINESSES TBD- The following list is from 2015 

Thai-namite  Byada Meredith  Acrylic and Pen on Canvas

Glorioso's Italian Market John Kowalczyk  Paint and Collage -and- Nicholas Mork Kaleidescope and Mixed Media

Regano's Roman Coin  Teri Regano  Pottery

MKE Vape Carlos Herrada  Acrylic, Spray Paint

Rena's Boutique Angela Laughingheart  Mixed Media 

Dryhootch  Landon Revels Mixed Media (courtyard) -and- Ayla Boyle  Installation

Art Smart's Dart Mart  Misty J. Gray   Visual Art Illustration 

Sciortino's Bakery  Mary K. Ryan   Oil Paint, Mixed Media, Hand-cut Paper 

Dragonfly Annette French Acrylic -and- Mel Vyvyan Acrylic 

Tamarack School Tamarack will be hosting examples of how Waldorf implements art into their curriculum, with handwork, woodwork, metalwork, paintings and lesson book drawings

Hosed on Brady  Brian Nau, Acrylic Paint

MKE Shears Jessica Janzer Paint, Prints, Mixed Media 

Cempazuchi  Brian R. Hibbard Paint

Brady Street Futons  Kurt Bauer Textiles -and- Scott Hatton Acrylic 

Brewed on Brady  CJ Bettin Acrylic on Canvas  

Mari's Flowers  Mari Cucunato Floral Arrangements -and- Mary Mastronardo Custom Fashion Jewerly -and- Trina Killian Frost  Word Art     (TURN IN MAPS HERE!)

Eco Pet  Jedi Master Jude Famous $1 Palm Readings -and- Moon Smiley Sacred Luna Beads and Malas -and- Celeste Bellinger Surreal Expressionism -and- WYWO (While You Where Out- Pet Sitting) Puppy Artistry 

Green Fields Trading Co.  Kris French  Acrylic Paint -and- Dan Duffy Acrylic, Oil

Hi Hat Lounge Anna Banwell Painting -and- Brent Oudeans Air Brush in Canvas 

Jo-Cat's Pub  Rachel Olive Young Acrylic, Crackle Paint, Watercolors, Salt

Rochambo Tea and Coffeehouse  Brian Nusslock 

Jack's American Pub  Amanda Iglinski Acrylic Pop Art, Geek Art 

Malone's Ivan Herrada Acrylic 

La Masa Eli Vallejo Airbrushed Acrylic, Magic 

Uncommon Items  Rosalie Robison Watercolor, Ink, Mixed 

Annie's 2nd Hand Chic  Jeffrey Eckel  Painting

Nomad World Pub  Gilly Brennan Painting, Drawing

Dogg Haus  Nicole Acosta Photography, Latin inspired Jewelery