It’s Festivus!  Saturday, December 5th, 9:30pm til 1:30am

Brady Street celebrates the return of Festivus this Holiday Season! 

Competitions begin at  9:30pm, 11pm, and 12:30am (Follow one team or simply hop around all night!)  









Based on the popular Festivus Seinfeld episode from 1997, Festivus attendees have a chance to air their grievances and participate in feats of strength all in an effort to win the highly coveted Festivus pole.  Additional prizes supplied by Bud Light!  In honor of this wonderful un-holiday, Brady Street merchants will be offering shopping, dining and drink deals throughout the day.  Stay tuned for deals!


The Festivus for the Rest of us... 

Important Festivus Terms:

Festivus Pole = A bare aluminum pole known for it's "very high strength-to-weight ratio" - it can be adorned with simple green garland but nothing extravagant!

Airing of Grievances = While dining on non-Holiday food, you let your family and friends know all of the instances where they disappointed you that year.

Feats of Strength =  Normally, the head of the family tests the strength of another at the Festivus celebration.  Festivus is over when the head of family pins the other person to the ground.  In special cases, like Brady Street Festivus, the participant is allowed to decline the attempt to pin the other if they have something better to do instead...