Brady Street Business District Information

The New Brady Street Area Association (BSAA) was formed in 1988. It was comprised of area neighbors and merchants who were interested in the development of this unique street.  The Association is still running strong. Please consider becoming a member.

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The Brady Street Business Improvement District (BID#11) branched out of the Association in the early 1990s. The BID's first project included new lighting to promote safety in the neighborhood, along with beautification efforts such as benches, new street signs, garbage cans, and bike racks. It was around this time that Brady Street also became an historical district. Other projects included the building of the marsupial bridge, a walking bridge that connects Brady St. with Commerce St. on the opposite side of the Milwaukee river underneath the Holton St. viaduct; and the Green Flow project displaying pictographs in our concrete between the road and the sidewalk. Today, the BID, which represents all of the businesses on Brady Street, BSAA, and BAFAE (the Brady Area Foundation for Arts and Education) all work together to support Brady Street area and its continued growth.

What is a BID anyway? (Article from Shepherd Express!)


BID Board of Directors 2019

  • Alaa Musa - Chair
  • Julilly Kohler - Vice Chair
  • Pat Suminski - Secretary/Treasurer
  • Pam Sable - Director
  • Mike Lee - Director
  • Kurt Bauer - Director
  • Teri Regano - Director
  • Teresa Morton - Director
  • Mike O'Connor - Director
  • Dane Baldwin - Director
  • Ted Glorioso - Director Emeritus
  • Rachel Taylor - BID Executive Director  (

The BID meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6pm.  Email Rachel at if you are interested in attending (as sometimes we take a month off!)